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Power Supplies

and Degaussing Equipment

In August 2008 iNetwork became the United States distributor of Polyamp products.


Polyamp’s main activities are separated into two main sectors:













Since the beginning of the 1970’s Polyamp has been designing, producing and marketing their range of DC/DC converters from 30 to 200W with a reputation of very high reliability and electrical performance.


Their main markets include Railway, Process control, Power utilities, Forklifts, electrical vehicles, Naval, military; fixed, land mobile and Naval applications.


On the Swedish market they also distribute power supplies and lab power supplies from Delta Elektronika, Netherlands and Powernet, Finland.



Handles magnetic and electric signature control for naval ships and submarines. They are most known for their Advanced Degaussing System (ADGs) concept but have also a very advanced Influence sweep supply system, the MSS2000©. The SWECADE© software with its data acquisition system and analysis system fits a Navy's needs as a basic degaussing design tool as well as a fast magnetic and electric ranging handling software. With this proven software package Polyamp can handle turnkey deliveries, i.e. a total degaussing system delivery including the signature performance to the specification.


Polyamp also has an exclusive licence on a unique Carbon Fibre under water electric (UEP/ELFE) sensor and have with these sensors also designed and delivered a Underwater Multi Influence Sensor Systems the UMISS©.


This means that Polyamp can cover the whole support field from designing a onboard ADG for a customer requirement to a signature, deliver the ADG Equipment, design and deliver a range system to the customer with all the equipment, man the range system at sea trials with our own degaussing expert officers if the customer so wishes. Furthermore Polyamp can support customers in the Influence Sweep areas.